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Sound of Wolves by suzarte01
Dead!Marco by TheReluctantSoldier
Levi Ackerman by nymeriadire
Take a look around by suzarte01
Even More Pictures
[AoT/SnK] OC Pehalka Volkova by milkcupie
Ivonne Kraus and Erwin Smith by Levi-osa
Stay With Me Captain - Sketch by Levi-osa
how short is he? by daisyblue7
Attack on Titan Cosplay
Memories by Wigansuinthe
Looking through the window by Wigansuinthe
Eren by CAIN-you-not
We're one and the same by CAIN-you-not
Attack on Art
Hands Up by suzarte01
Written by MiacrystalMoon
What did you say? by MiacrystalMoon
Breeze by MiacrystalMoon
Eyes of the Insane by suzarte01
Scum by suzarte01
One Original Thought by suzarte01
Hellbound by suzarte01
Attack on Pictures
Colossal (Armin) Titan  by DinoBirdMan
Jean Kirschtein - sketch by KorokoAmamiyaOnee
Eren Jegaer by shadowandravenlove11
Mike Zacharius Traditional Colouring by Rambo-Jewsters
SnK Cosplay 2
Levi by RomaiLee
Debriefing I by Wigansuinthe
Eren Transforming by TheUnknownCosplay
Zoe Hanji Cosplay 01 by Levi-osa
Attack on Art 2
Alright by DitaDiPolvere
Eremin makes me smile by Peachymess
[AoT AP] The rebel soldier by Mariana-Souza
[Sketchbook 07] Titan Levi is not amused by Mariana-Souza
Attack on Pictures 2
Gold Thread by BlackSpiralDancer1
Funny Stuff 2
Lady Deadpool ...Ninja Attack! 'Dark City' Series by PaulSuttonArt
Original Character OC
Nicola Reference Sheet by Kogarashi-chan
Conventions 2
Raoh Gaiden by suzarte01


I Hate everything about You (SNK Fanfic)
(Abusive/Cheater!Erwin x Depressed!Reader x Yandere!Levi Fan fiction) Play I Hate everything about you be 3 days grace while Reading 

Every time we lie awake, After every hit we take

I kept waiting for Erwin to get home from work he said where he was, but I know that he was lying,he's cheating on me with other women, and he always comes home smelling like alcohol, cigarettes and women's perfume, and has lipstick kisses all over him and I get upset. I heard the door slam open and to appear Erwin coming home, "So, where were you?" I asked him. "I told you at work." he responses. I then ripped his shirt off and to reveal hickeys, Lipstick kisses, and smell the scent of Alcohol and cigarettes again. 
Every feeling that I get, But I haven't missed you yet
"You fucker, you lied to me again! You weren't at the bar again, drinking,smoking and fucking whores, You're a cheater, Fucker, man whore, and a Fu-" I got caught of by Erwin slamming the d
:iconleviswaifuayanoyuki:Leviswaifuayanoyuki 0 0
Levi by Millorine-chan Levi :iconmillorine-chan:Millorine-chan 19 3 Eren by Vangie-Galaxy Eren :iconvangie-galaxy:Vangie-Galaxy 40 5 Shingeki no Kyojin OC - Kuroyukihime by kuroyukihime666 Shingeki no Kyojin OC - Kuroyukihime :iconkuroyukihime666:kuroyukihime666 11 112 Mikasa Ackerman by KarenOArt Mikasa Ackerman :iconkarenoart:KarenOArt 36 0 A Hard Day of Training by RevyAot A Hard Day of Training :iconrevyaot:RevyAot 1 2 Mikasa, Attack on Titan by Jeriv Mikasa, Attack on Titan :iconjeriv:Jeriv 65 14
Behind Life is Love (Levi X Reader Chapter 1)
Bleeding Soldiers Part 1
"Hei-chou I brought reinforcements!" said Petra as she and the some members of the squad landed on the roof, including you.
You were in that squad, the Levi squad. Along with Eld and Gunther you followed Petra to see Captain Levi as the reinforcements.
"Petra, go and relieve the soldiers on the ground." Levi ordered. "The rest of you, join the attack on the right."
"I'll take care of the ones on the left." He said before leaping onto another roof and then flying away to the 2 titans on the left side.
"Hei-chou!" Petra screamed but he already flew far away fr
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 122 30
Behind Life is Love (Chapter 2 Levi X Reader)

Bleeding Soldiers Part 2

Everything was going pretty well until a rumbling sound struck. "A titan!" The solider screamed as he pointed to a 15m titan running towards your direction.
"Well shit." You muttered.
You saw a opening between 2 houses that were crushed, they had an open wide enough for a person, so you gently placed the wounded solider there being careful not to make his bleeding leg bend. You handed him another cloth as you saw the bleeding getting even worse.
"Here in case if it bleeds out." You said quickly before you drew out your blades to face the giant titan.
You felt a bit a fear as you thought about how tall it was but you got a grip and flew to the roof to leap to slice it's nape. You headed full speed as you aimed for the nape, but as you were just above the nape, the titan bend over causing you to miss. Surprised, you swung past the titan and almost hit the roof edge, luckily, you landed on the roof without getting injured.
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 91 8
Eren X Reader|The Outside World Between Us
The Outside World Between Us
I am a monster
I am a beast
No one understands me...
No one understands me...
But we are the same...
And we understand each other...
Is this fate?
Is this love?
Your backstory:

When you were 13, you had a dream of what was life like behind the walls, you dreamed of dreamy green grass, trees, blue sky, birds chirping, flowers blooming and the shining sun burning to show off it's light.
You are the "chosen one" of Mother Nature to show the trapped humanity inside the walls the beauty and wonder of Nature...
You d
:iconfanficloverartmaster:FanficLoverArtMaster 151 13


:iconi-hate-petra-ral: I-HATE-Petra-Ral :iconsnkxreader: SNKxReader Welcome, soldiers! :icontheartoffanart: TheArtOfFanart The stairway to success! :iconelvinawolfe-fans: ElvinaWolfe-Fans Page under construction :icondimension-w: Dimension-W :iconpetraral-fc: PetraRal-FC For Petra fans!! :iconthe-fandom-freaks: The-FaNDoM-FrEAkS All The Fandoms!!!!!! :iconattackoncouples: AttackOnCouples Where all couples are welcome :iconannie-leonhardt-club: Annie-Leonhardt-Club This is where my bet begins! :iconcorporal-norie-fans: Corporal-Norie-fans :iconallaroundanimeart: AllAroundAnimeArt :iconthe-worldof-anime: The-WorldOf-Anime :iconanime-forte: Anime-Forte Share Animu art! :D :iconsatsukikiryuinfans: SatsukiKiryuinFans Kill la Kill :iconuniverse-artworks: Universe-Artworks .:INDEFINITE IN THE ART GALAXY:. :iconlevis-squad: Levis-Squad Captain Levi FTW! :icongogo-anime-fan-club: GoGo-Anime-Fan-Club The Anime Kingdom :iconattack-on-inserts: Attack-on-inserts I will terminate them all. :iconfanimefunforever: FanimeFunForever Fanime Fun For Everyone! :iconmangabymagazine: MangabyMagazine :iconanime-otaku-fc: Anime-Otaku-FC OTAKU FOREVER! :iconauruobxpetrar-fc: AuruoBxPetraR-FC Auruo x Petra Bossard Fan Club :iconthugtrio-fc: ThugTrio-FC A choice with no regret :iconworldtrigger: WorldTrigger Trigger On! :iconall-the-xreaders: All-The-xReaders A paradise for any reader! :iconterra--formars: Terra--Formars Terra Formars :iconspringles-fc: Springles-FC Sasha x Connie :iconseraphoftheend: SeraphOfTheEnd Also called Owari no Seraph :iconanime-is-fabulous: Anime-Is-FABULOUS Welcome fellow geeks and freaks! :iconleviholic: Leviholic H-HEICHOU?




Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't updated this group in forever, I just don't use dA as much anymore as I'm mainly focusing on my own cosplay stuff. Feel free to follow me if you like! Links are on my profile. :3 (Mostly active on Instagram)

Now that that's out of the way, what do you guys think of the new season of SNK so far? Personally I think it's pretty good although I've only watched the first episode of it but I'm about to binge watch everything up until the current episode.

Hope to update here again sometime!
Also thank you all for joining this group and sharing your art with each other, it really means a lot! c:
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